Abramelin, day 216

Morning and noon rite went well.

It looks like the week off I wanted in order to complete the rite has been given to me, and yet the almond wand is still delayed. I take this to mean I’m still not done yet but it’s so strange to have that week off part work out but not the wand. So close, yet…?

So much crap to burn through, I’ve come so far and yet am so far away. Ugh. Very frustrating on so many levels. I see why the almond wand is not here yet and I wonder when it will be.

Gods help me.

Evening rite went well.

Abramelin, day 215

Morning and noon rites went well.

Still no formal written offer, guessing they’re waiting on background check? Imagine if the almond wand were to arrive before then. Hm.

Massage, a little bit of kitty time, and some time relaxing too. Also got a good workout in.

Realizing that I’m beginning to have stronger fine tuning of subtleties, the little shades of the psychic senses. Still need more balance, stronger root.

Evening rite went well.


Abramelin, day 214

Morning rite went well.

I absolutely for the life of me cannot remember if I did the noon rite or not. I don’t think I did, so I did the rite super late and plan to do a prayer rite right before I get to sleep.

Today was sheer madness. Had a super long face to face interview which, despite me going in expecting to hate the job, wound up liking it and everyone was incredibly awesome. Got an offer two hours later, a bit lower than my usual salary but certainly not doable plus very good benefits. Negotiating the whole time off thing because now I KNOW that the Abramelin rite closing will be at my choosing, I will have to take a week off, probably around the holidays. I’m guessing around winter solstice/Christmas time. It feels right for a variety of reasons pertaining to my own faith. This also makes me nervous because this makes the ending more of my choosing and a having to take time off from work versus have it be in between jobs. Ugh.

I’m also terrified they will micromanage me to depth, restrict computer usage, etc. If I’m treated as an adult while there all will be well otherwise it will be horrible and I will burn in flames.


Went to a fall festival dinner at one of my fav restaurants which I had gotten reservations for ages in advance, not knowing I would get an offer today. ahaha. Did the wine pairing thing, HUGE mistake. Tiny portions of food, way too much alcohol…doesn’t matter how much I pray over it, I guess Dionysos missed me. No, this doesn’t mix well with the rite. Lesson also learned.

“Noon” rite went well, as did evening prayer rite.

Abramelin, day 213

Morning and noon rite went well.

Spent today dealing with recruiters and cleaning. The job I want wants two additional phone interviews with remote people plus a personality test. I think I have this one in the bag but fingers crossed and no counting chickens before the offer letter comes in and all that. Also got to wish my dad a happy birthday and talk to my mom about the latest family drama concerning my grandma.

Got to spend the evening watching Agents of SHIELD with the kitties.

If I get asked by one more company “why so many jobs” I am going to scream.

Evening rite went well.

Abramelin, day 210

Morning and evening rites went well.

Crazy intense dreams all last night, don’t know what to make of any of them.

Face to face interview with what appears to be a good company. Fingers crossed.

Worked after in Salem doing tarot readings. Did well.

Lots to do and think about. Evening rite went well.



Abramelin, day 208

Morning and noon rites went well.

I spent today dealing with a job interview, recruiters, etc. Made appt for doctor visit tomorrow as I’m fairly certain I have a sinus infection. The weather has been HORRIBLE as have my stress levels so not shocked.

I have an entire rant I don’t have time for at the moment about jobs and what this entire society has been brainwashed into thinking is normal, but I’ve summed up my issues with this: recruiters believe they own me. Employers believe they own me. And I am tired of it.

Evening rite went fine but done in bed. Was so drained I couldn’t even move let alone get into the temple room. Tomorrow is another day.

Abramelin, day 207

Morning rite went well. Noon prayer rite done in car on way to work, got called in for a shift to do readings again but had to leave early for an appointment.

I’m starting to stress about the interviews and I’m realizing how much I intensely hate this entire process, my main career, and how badly it drains me. Half a day for these interviews, all of them. And these people think I’m still employed as all of them were scheduled when I was.

There has to be a better way.

Evening rite done in bed, was suffering from horrible stomach pains. I blame it on trying to eat too much for dinner after not having eaten much past few days.

Abramelin, day 202

Morning and noon rites went well.

I keep stopping to jump up and down and dance for joy that I am no longer in that job. I had no idea how much stress it was putting me through until it was over. Spoke to my agency about it and they saw the lying my boss was doing, put a very bad taste in their mouths and they are not happy.

They called back some hours later with a potential position and one that wants to move quickly: a 100% remote position. It would mean less money but HOT DAMN that is what I need to turn this ship around and work on getting the side career(s) to the point where they would be more viable.

I didn’t sleep well last night, heading to bed early tonight.

Evening rite went well.

Abramelin, day 201

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

At 11:03 the two following things happened simultaneously:

  1. I had a meeting with my boss which was openly hostile, including outright lying to my face about what has been said and done over the past few days let alone months. Was actually surprised I was not fired during that meeting.
  2. I got an email from the wand maker saying that the wood to be used for my almond wand was damaged and it would take at least another month or two to get more wood.

There are no coincidences. In any event, some hours later I am out of a job despite best efforts because it is not believed I will finish on time. I am honestly RELIEVED because while not the worst job I’ve ever had, is easily at the #3 or #4 position. And I’ve had a LOT of jobs.

Gods I’m glad that’s over. Now I have time in my life to get the rest of my shit done AND I can work extra hours at the part time job in Salem too. Bonus!

Evening rite went well. All is in the hands of the gods.


Abramelin, day 200

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

200 days of this operation. Do I get a cookie?

Another phone interview today but they revealed at the end it’ll require 20-50% travel. Nonononononononononono. Next!

Face to face interview with yesterday’s phone interview company scheduled for next Friday. It’s near where I used to work, excellent commute. Fingers crossed.

Been feeling tense and irritable for much of the evening, not sure why. Way too much going on, I think, and all of the recruiter calls and emails while trying to work isn’t really helping.

Boss wants to review the work I’ve been doing so far, again, tomorrow. Yes, that’s probably contributing.

Evening rite went well.