Abramelin, day 214

Morning rite went well.

I absolutely for the life of me cannot remember if I did the noon rite or not. I don’t think I did, so I did the rite super late and plan to do a prayer rite right before I get to sleep.

Today was sheer madness. Had a super long face to face interview which, despite me going in expecting to hate the job, wound up liking it and everyone was incredibly awesome. Got an offer two hours later, a bit lower than my usual salary but certainly not doable plus very good benefits. Negotiating the whole time off thing because now I KNOW that the Abramelin rite closing will be at my choosing, I will have to take a week off, probably around the holidays. I’m guessing around winter solstice/Christmas time. It feels right for a variety of reasons pertaining to my own faith. This also makes me nervous because this makes the ending more of my choosing and a having to take time off from work versus have it be in between jobs. Ugh.

I’m also terrified they will micromanage me to depth, restrict computer usage, etc. If I’m treated as an adult while there all will be well otherwise it will be horrible and I will burn in flames.


Went to a fall festival dinner at one of my fav restaurants which I had gotten reservations for ages in advance, not knowing I would get an offer today. ahaha. Did the wine pairing thing, HUGE mistake. Tiny portions of food, way too much alcohol…doesn’t matter how much I pray over it, I guess Dionysos missed me. No, this doesn’t mix well with the rite. Lesson also learned.

“Noon” rite went well, as did evening prayer rite.

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