Abramelin, day 162

Had a number of vivid dreams last night, but one that stood out in my mind was about the goddess Diana. There was something in it being communicated about the relationship between her being associated with dancing and the bow, something about dance and the bow. It reminded me something of Tai Chi or some form of martial arts. Later I was given an image of three goddesses and were told they were all her, and that monotheists went to the extreme in interpreting this but that “hard” polytheists today don’t get it either. The nature is fluidity, and the goddess Diana is those three and is herself. I don’t know who the three were; the names escape me but it was a triad much in the way that the Moirai is a triad.

I thought I may have been been “tapped” before but this confirms it. Think I’ll need to spend more time with that particular goddess.

Morning rite went well.

Went from one errand to another to visiting my kitty and before I knew it, noon rite was VERY late. But it was done.

Late night visiting the kitty. I hope tomorrow really is the day she can come home.

The stress is getting to me, but I admit shit’s ramping up. I See shit more frequently, I’m way more open. I’m surprised it’s not scaring me more than it is.

Evening rite went well.


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