Abramelin, day 163

Morning rite went well.

Got the call to come pick up my kitty and made the appointment, took care of noon rite first then did my errands.

Much of today was spent running around dealing with kitty related stuff: getting the meds, the food, the everything. She’s a sweetie but she’s not loving the dropper of antibiotics and potassium supplements I’m forced to put into her mouth. The insulin shots are just barely doable. And her sister is hissing at her because she smells funny from having been in ICU with lots of others cats and dogs for so long.  I will probably have a visit from my dad to help me with all of this shit. In the meantime I have a very real and painful headache and I’m more than a little overwhelmed. It’s been a rough week.

I need a break.

Got some nice cuddle time with kitties in hallway. Just sort of went to lie down on the floor and suddenly it was purr time. That helped, at least.

Evening rite went well.

I’ll be ending the evening with a lavender filled pillow over my eyes and some painkillers.

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