Abramelin, day 151

I had the strangest, most vivid dreams. I kept accidentally traveling through time, would randomly go from one to the next. I couldn’t keep track. One moment it was 2010, next it was 3000 and I was afraid to go outside and see if humanity hadn’t managed to totally fuck itself up. Well it hadn’t, but I was levitating in the street and so were other people. Hm. I finally got back to my own time, and was told that at my current job, every perm employee had to have one of their teeth extracted and spend the next four months spending as much time standing as possible in order to fully recover from the surgery. They recommended taking up painting during that time.

No drugs or meds, I swear.

Morning rite went well.

Also, this fasting thing? It’s not working out. I’m either Doing It Wrong or it’s just not what I need to be doing. Nearly every time I do it, I am set to get sick, screw up my digestive system, all sorts of madness. I was in the bathroom WAY too much today owing probably due to what I ate after not having eaten the whole day. I’m wondering if I just need to do some sort of raw thing, juicing thing, I don’t know what thing, but I’m just not reaping the benefits of this other than proving I can torture myself for the cause. There HAS to be a better way.

Noon prayer rite went well.

I gotta figure my shit out, but I have gained some nice keys and insights, thanks to Saturday night.

Evening rite went well.

3 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 151

  1. Jason says:

    Hi Scarlet:
    I was also researching about fasting and a friend gave me this wonderful resource: (http://www.abbamoses.com/fasting.html) This explains the fasting rules in the Orthodox Church — It is highly Christian, Orthodox, and monastic, but it gave me some insights that “fasting” is not necessarily “not eating at all.” It seems like giving up something usually is counted among fasting — if not eating at all does not work, perhaps giving up meat or dairy or both (and wine and oil etc.) would be an alternative?
    – Jason

    • Scarlet Magdalene says:

      I assume you’re not already familiar with the restrictions with the Abramelin. You’re already required to be vegetarian for the duration of the rite. I however am already VEGAN, and have been for over eight years now. So uh…meat and dairy? I already don’t eat them. 🙂 Wine is already out as a restriction in the Abramelin as well and I only partake during religious ceremonies. Since I’m already an “overachiever” by Abramelin standards I’ve been very exacting when it comes to other restrictions because they’re not restrictions to me.

  2. Scarlet Magdalene says:

    That’s a lot of “already”s, lol

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