Abramelin, day 150

Morning rite went well.

I am facing the total certainty that I will not be done in six months’ time. I have also realized that if I take the week off while still a contractor, I lose an entire week’s pay. Given my financial situation I can’t risk that without proper preparation and/or some additional financial support.

I need to be properly prepared on all levels. There’s making sacrifices and taking risks, and then there’s just plain being sensible. I don’t know what to do.

I am remembering more and more of last night’s ritual. I had a vision of my HGA on the other side of a wall with cracks and holes beginning to show. He just stood there, waiting.

Noon rite done much later than noon because I spaced, owing to intense sinus headache and feeling almost like I am hungover. Today was fasting day which did not help.

Evening rite went well, crashed VERY early.


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