Abramelin, day 133

Morning rite went well. Managed to do it right around dawn, head back to bed, then get up in time for 30 min of cardio.

Noon rite went well. Work was a bit more slow than usual, many people working from home or out today. I got to get my walk during lunch, yoga when I returned home from work.

The workouts, walks, and audiobooks in the car are assisting with what is an increasingly stressful situation. I am now trying to balance a very long day with downtime, and I’m back to the “working two jobs” between the full time job and the side business. I got VPN to work on my laptop and I am hoping a bit further down the road I can work from home once a week on a semi-regular basis; that would help me out a great deal. I feel stretched a bit too thin right now. At any rate, it’s keeping me away from being overly social; something which at this stage is probably good for me.

Evening rite went well. I have realized, however, what I have been craving for so long: freedom. I am living under too many restrictions with the new job right now, and unless a compromise is made I have no idea what I will do.

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