Abramelin, day 134

Morning rite went well, and afterwards I was up for the day. It got me to work earlier, so I got to leave earlier. Even better!

Noon prayer rite went well also.

I have a lot on my mind. The audiobook, a movie I saw recently…there’s some very interesting synchronicity going on, and I have a lot to ponder in regards to magic and manifestation.

Tonight I wound up doing for the second time a tarot-less reading. Apparently a prayer to Apollo was all that was needed, an intense burst of energy shot down onto the top of my head, straight through my body…shit was intense, I’m still high. It went on from there. If I had been wondering how the Abramelin has been affecting my psychic ability, I guess I don’t need to wonder or worry too much anymore.

Evening rite went well. Holy hell, I am still incredibly high and a bit dizzy.

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