Abramelin, day 120

I sometimes wonder if in my next life, I will be reborn as a millennial. A much younger Millennial. But I’m one of those generational cuspies, and here I am.

Morning rite went well. Doing it at dawn seems to be the going thing right now along with doing it at sunset. As for noon…no idea how to handle that once I start work. I think I will be doing some sort of prayer/meditation and work at it from there.

My side business is taking off to ridiculous amounts now. As a gesture of goodwill and gratitude, I’ve signed myself up for another regular charity donation towards a cause I support. It’s well timed with the upcoming job, the phase I’m in, and everything. I feel good about it.

I seem to be thinking “Gods help me” a lot lately, but it’s how I feel. Shit’s getting overwhelming.

I think during my last week of this rite, I will save my posts as drafts and go into radio silence. I may make them public or publish them as part of a greater essay. So many thoughts throughout this rite. I try to communicate them but this “I” gets in the way. I am getting in my own way. I don’t think I can communicate them, really. Not yet.

I strive to be worthy of my Holy Guardian Angel.

Evening rite went well.

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