Abramelin, day 121

Morning rite went well. Noontime I had to do prayers in the car, they felt sloppy and distracted. It’s REALLY hard to do this away from home and my temple room, but I have to find a way to do this mindfully and without distraction. Maybe I can escape outdoors when at my new job or even to the restroom or something, but it has to be done mindfully or there’s no point.

Yesterday was a strange day. I spent most of it in a seminar for my business, and the rest was at home, working with clients and reading up on personal development. In the evening I took a break for myself to watch tv and play games.

I am badly in need of more patience with myself; my anxiety and frustration over my current circumstances is beginning to leak all over everything. I gotta to rein my focus in a bit.

Evening rite went well.

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