Abramelin, day 105

Morning rite went well. I forgot that when I’m here I can actually do that east facing window thing. It’s funny how perfectly that works out when I travel versus at home.

Sept 13-16th were the dates I was basically “given” for when I do the final days of this operation. Now I know what days I’ll need off from my upcoming job. I still plan to play this one by ear but yeah, the difficulty is knowing in advance…obviously.

I very nearly had a screaming fit in the car on my way back home from my parents’: “I’M NOT READY!” I can’t see how I’m not on the 18th month plan here, or some compromise in between. I’ve come a long way, yeah, but shit I have way too much to do before then. What will I do, the spiritual equivalent of the Insanity workout program? That’s 60 days too, that program. I’ve done it, heck got certified in it even. Will my HGA take on the likeness of Shaun T and tell me to “dig deeper”? Yell at me to “sprint”? 5-4-3-2-1!

Someone online is claiming K&C is “enlightenment” and that the six months can be done in a single day in our time. Really? Gods help us all if that were the case; I don’t think obtaining enlightenment is anywhere near this simple, nor do I think any of us are off turning water into wine after we complete the rite successfully. I also think trying to do this in a single day is laughable at best. I think there’s a LOT of hype around the Abramelin; yes, it’s incredibly life altering and it’s a huge door opener, so to speak, but there are some magicians out there with unrealistic expectations of the rite. I hope I am not one of them given my own thoughts on what I’m hoping to achieve, but…yeah. But a day? No.

Supposedly I have two months and a week left of this operation if on the 6 month plan. Gods help me.

The family drama also continues. I think I’ll visit my dad again before my mom returns, I think he’ll need it.

Evening rite went well.


2 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 105

  1. Jason says:

    One day? Of course, it is possible, with God/s’ help. But it’d take much more discipline and foundational work. I’m quite a skeptic when it comes to such grandiose claims — or at least, I would not presume that I could achieve “enlightenment” so quickly lest the demons deceive me! Anyway… I’m cheering for you, S.M.!

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