Abramelin, day 104

Morning rite went well.

With all of the family drama that is gearing into soap territory, I am beginning to feel like the calm eye of the center of the storm. Given all that I have going on, this is saying much.

I went out today to the mall with my dad, and later met up with a friend over coffee. What is happening right now and how it is coming in is insanely, ridiculously subtle but it’s painfully clear: I need to be incredibly choosy about the time I spend with others and whom I spend it with, and evaluate seriously how much time I want to spend among others, how many people, and when. I am turning into Sookie Stackhouse. I am reacting to things said before they are said, without them being said, and it’s more than my usual picking up on moods and emotions. Now that the usual chatter and static in me is being silenced, what is normally going on in the background is coming through more loudly and clearly than what I am used to.

I need to remain grounded, and focused. Gods help me when I start the regular day job in a few weeks.

Evening rite went well.

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  1. Sean Thompson says:

    Hang in there. We are all rooting for you. <3

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