Abramelin, day 106

Morning rite went well.

The drama with my family is getting worse, not better. I hope to distance myself from it as much as possible but since it so intensely concerns my mom, good luck with that.

The volume knob on internal stresses and irritations has been turned WAY up in the past day or two and I’m rather wondering why. Is it my subconscious going into hyperdrive with all that I have on me right now? I’m guessing so.

Did a pretty intense ritual prior to this evening’s Abramelin rite, focusing on burning away obstacles. Evening rite went okay, but am VERY spacey and buzzed. My lamp was flickering like a strobe light before I even started, now it won’t even turn on. I’ve never had electronics go haywire like that on me. Wow.

Well, um. Bring it, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 106

  1. troll (couldn't help it) says:

    lol.I remember when my Kundalini awoke for the first time. I blew out three hard drives consecutively, messed up my answering machines, flickered street lights, florescent bulbs died, and I got cold to the bone from ambient radiation coming from old monitors and TV’s. There were fires, floods, mechanical failures, communication failures, financial screw ups, horrible health issues…the list goes on. Then I got the meditation going for an hour a day, went on two ten day retreats about six months apart. Electricity settled back into normal within a year though I’d not made any other changes to my situation. The rest of the stuff took about seven years to settle. May your way be softer and more nurtured.

    • Scarlet Magdalene says:

      Honestly, the bulk of my experience with this sort of thing has been accidentally shattering glass goblets, slowing down and stopping non-digtal watches, making light bulbs flicker…this was full out strobe light and it was making me sick and dizzy from the flashing. WOW. Then it just stopped working altogether! FREAKY.

      Your experience sounds way more intense. I don’t think I ever broke through all at once, just in spurts.

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