Abramelin, day 99

Morning rite went well. I had some interesting dreams which made me realize once more that purifications still are necessary. However, I am pissing off all of the right forces in this world, and quite all right with that.

I sometimes wonder if this whole operation will be like uniting Jadzia with Dax, and then I remember that I am a nerd on many, many fronts.

Some valuable lessons learned today on the self employment front. The goal is looking closer than ever. By the gods, this would be amazing.

I have a lot to be grateful for. I also have a great deal I still need to work on. So much of this is “wax on, wax off”–when do I hit the deep stuff? But I guess it’s all deep stuff in the end, and I needed to come out of my fortress of solitude and make some lasting effects in the waking world. What am I ultimately being prepared for?

Help me, help me o gods.

Evening rite went well.

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