Abramelin, day 100

Morning rite went well.

I spent all of today socializing and professionally networking. Some of it involved interacting with alumni from my college, people I had hung out with on a regular basis over a decade ago. The whole thing got me thinking about my past, what I took away from it, what I left behind, and whether or not I had any regrets as to how I lived it.

I have always been busy busy busy, ridiculously busy, just trying to fit everything in. And I’m wondering if all of those things I tried to fit in were genuinely important on a bigger scale. As much as I have in my life right now, I have less going on. It’s calmer. I’m more…focused.

Evening rite went well.

I found myself thinking before I fell asleep that I was very much not ready for phase three let alone the completion of this operation. I stressed over this for a good couple of minutes before the thinking part of my mind kicked in and realized what that meant.

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