Abramelin, day 98

Morning rite went well.

I started out the work day with prayers, then got to working…and thinking. Cultivating that mindfulness remains a challenge, but I “check in” every now and again to make sure I’m not overly stressing myself out and/or going into auto pilot. Setting my own schedule and working my own rules, could be too easy to do.

I feel very strongly I’ve been given the opportunity to become self employed and am in the process of doing so. I must also maintain my focus. At least this isn’t a “new” business; it’s just the opportunity to do it full time, be consistent with it, and learn how to manage it better. I’m essentially moving from hobby to career with it, and it’s honestly what I need. It’s what I’d rather be doing full time.

I may be traveling in a week to visit my dad for a few days while my mom is away.

Today is Zeus day, so I did a small offering rite for him after this evening’s rite.


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