Abramelin, day 97

Morning rite went well.

Something that is wonderful right now about this situation: I get to live every day like I’m self employed. No interviews, just purely working on my side business. I’ve been very inconsistent with it,  and it’s showed. Now things are exploding, and while it’s not an income I can live off of just yet it’s becoming likely that in the future I can–and not some far off, distant future either. The thought fills me with amazing amounts of joy like no one would ever believe. Gods I am blessed.

If I ever travel to a world where the gods can take on physical manifestation, I owe Hermes–not to mention the rest of my gods–a HUGE hug. No joke.

If I needed any major signs that I am on the right track, I have them. And I am grateful.

Evening rite went well. Happy Hermes Day!

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