Abramelin, day 91

That whole not sleeping in a consecrated space; I think I didn’t take that seriously enough. In my past travels, where I did the Abramelin and set up the space contained the bed I was in. I heard a really strange voice talking, thought it was coming from my Kindle, woke up with a start and couldn’t tell how much of it was dream and how much of it was reality. I’m taking that seriously from now on. I’ve never had to worry about that before in my own bedroom especially; I do rituals in there and have numerous altars to my gods and while I’ve had some interesting dreams this one was uh…very different. The rest of my dreams were equally bizarre.

Morning rite went well.

Today was two phone interviews, a workout, and lots of walking and running around. I barely had a moment to breathe.

Ranting in my head about the Situation That Won’t Get Resolved, and walked into a room that was playing a very particular song.  It may be part of the answer to my questions. There are no coincidences.

I had the insight of moving the sacred space marked by the crystals and extending it into the bedroom before tonight’s ritual. Hopefully this will help with the wackiness I got last night. I swear that felt like a genuine haunting. WOW

Evening rite went well. I know I have much to work on, but I’ve had some valuable insights.

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