Abramelin, day 92

Morning rite went well. At least I slept far better; my intuition was spot on.

Today was…strange. I’m here but I’m really well, not here. This place is jam packed and the venue is not large enough for 9,700 of us. We’ve outgrown Vegas, HOW. I’m finding myself navigating away from the crowds and not playing by the book, not as a means of escape but as a means to just breathe. In any event, I decided to spend the afternoon in a cabana, turned on the tv inside and there’s the movie Michael. About an angel.

There are no coincidences.

I am continuing to find, once again, I accomplish my best work by not working and attract by not trying to attract. It’s a Zen thing. I’m also wondering how much of our HGA’s connection with us is their way of being able to experience the physical world, but for them to reach us we have to try and meet them halfway. They give, we give.

I ran into a street vendor who made a blue rose bouquet from palm leaves and spray paint. It turned out that he went to school with someone who had the exact same name as me.

No coincidences.

Tomorrow morning will be brutal, very early morning workout. And so it goes. I will try not to sleep in, ha.

Everything will be as it needs to be, and all the signs are there.

Evening rite went well.

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