Abramelin, day 90

I am up today an hour and a half before sunrise, which won’t be until I am on the road. I have opted for the usual morning rite regardless.  It went well.

I have about four hours of sleep in me and have been up since 3am, nearly 24 hours at this point. The traveling went well. There was free wine on the second flight, which I turned down. I am still sad about that; I absolutely love wine. It’s the sacrifices you make during this thing, I suppose.

More interviews have been scheduled. I have a technical one tomorrow while I am here, and a face to face one scheduled on Monday.

I feel like I just got off of a boat; I stand still and things keep moving. It’s going to be an interesting trip. Idea will be to be mindful of the gods in everything I do, no matter what–I received that message very clearly, to keep the gods in mind with everything I do here. I will keep to that.

Things I am noticing in this state: my instincts remain spot on, but I am more prone to analysis paralysis.

I used my compass app on my cell phone to find east, and…ahahah…the window that my hotel room looks out is perfectly facing east. Nicely played, HGA. Nicely played.

Evening rite went well.

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