Abramelin, day 77

Morning rite went well. I met up with a friend who made me a money/prosperity candle and had a tech phone screening today, both of which went great. Been doing my best to check in and make sure I’m not shutting down, shutting shit out. You never know how not relaxed you are until you’re finally relaxed, and it’s more than a little mindblowing.

Had some fantastic conversations tonight, some of which reminded me of a promise I made to myself a while ago and one which I will have those around me please do for me: should I ever get a big head, act entitled, arrogant, or presumptuous, pull me the fuck aside and straighten my shit out. I don’t care if after the Abramelin I’m changing water into wine and traveling across time and space with a single thought; do NOT let me forget my roots and the importance of being human. I have too much at stake and I never want to lose that much of myself in the process. Humility is a virtue for excellent reasons. The people around me remain important.

Purify and let go, purify and let go. Relax and let it all in. Absorb.

Evening rite went well. Lots of stuff to chew on, lots of stuff to let go of.

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