Abramelin, day 78

Morning rite went well.

I attended an entrepreneurial workshop and did food shopping afterwards, and I…am now very strongly realizing why increased isolation is important. You are integrating a LOT into your system and are going to get hypersensitive. My typical natural multitasking of various processes, physical world vs psychic, gets VERY taxed. Talking to people can get challenging, almost irritating. I spent half the shopping trip in overload. I gotta adapt and get used to it or life is going to get much tougher, much faster. It’s a lot like exercising and stretching, exercising and stretching, repeat, coupled with repeatedly trying to correct bad posture that is bad out of habit.

Had yet another phone screening that will lead to more phone screenings. I’m so exhausted. I want to either win the lottery or go into business for myself already. This is nuts. I have so much to deal with and I just want to run away from it all already.

Purify and let go, purify and let go.

Evening rite went well. Long prayers to Apollo. Very long.

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