Abramelin, day 75

Morning rite went well. Woke up with a LOT of energy. Did a good quantity of workouts and got active. Beautiful out, too.

Today I did the property exchange at work and had another face to face interview. I didn’t get the job from the Friday interview but I have more interviews lined up. Ultimately I know what I need: a job that will keep me afloat and still able to work on my side jobs until they can be the main ones.

When situations repeat, you wonder why. What is going on? Why can’t I break this cycle? What will it take for me to not be here again? With each job search, I ask these questions.

Did some reading and contemplation before the rite when it struck me: why am I not going to Apollo more often during the Abramelin? God of oracles, divination, and purification. Kinda seems natural and he is after all, for the lack of a better term, my “primary” patron deity after all. Okieday then.

Evening rite went well, Apollo’s presence felt very strongly. Think I’m finally onto something. Let’s see if I’m right.

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