Abramelin, day 74

Morning rite went well. Today is the first day of my unemployment and also the day I picked for this week to do the fasting. I went for a walk to enjoy the nice weather, got to get my papers for COBRA and severance together, applied for unemployment insurance, and dealt with recruiter calls.

I also got to work on the personal development book I’ve been working on. I know I’ll be unemployed at least two weeks; hopefully this will give me time to finally finish it and get it out there.

The fasting has been water, juice, and tea so far. I honestly haven’t been hungry all day…and at 5pm my body went into overdrive on the hunger pangs. Ugh. Well, it’s a good cleansing and will be good for me. But of course, on a hot day the temptation is to get ice cream. Walk to someplace neat for food. Etc. I know this stuff is about purification, cleansing, self discipline, and sacrifice but wow.

Evening rite went well. I need to refocus my energies and fine tune them. I still have a LOT of bullshit to work through and process, and I’m starting to feel a sense of being blocked and stagnant. Tomorrow is another day.

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