Abramelin, day 67

Morning rite went well. I awoke from a few interesting dreams, one of which where I was 22 again and my birthday was approaching: 22 on the 22nd. There was another where I was laid off from my job but given two million in severance, one million which went into my 401K. And there was a third which reminded me yet again of how much more I need to work on and what I’ve lost prior to starting this operation. Some things just stay with you, haunting you like ghosts, and every time I think I have answers I don’t and I’m right back to square one. I’m beginning to feel like Charlie Brown with that damned football.

Got my workouts done for the day, got some relaxing time in, and got to contemplate the contemplating stuff. I still have some good books on my Kindle that I’m working my way through, and I think part of this can also be taken care of by meditating on each of my gods and figuring out where I’m doing okay in and need to keep on doing, what I need to change, and what I need to chuck out the window or kill it with fire. From there can also look into personal development books that tap into that subjects.

Also been thinking about living myth, metafiction, modern myth, religion, and all of its intersections. What does it mean to manifest such things in everyday world?

Evening rite went well.

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