Abramelin, day 55

Morning rite went well.

Today is very obviously “test Scarlet in certain hot button issues to see how she reacts and if she’s learned anything in the past two months”. I had to have a very, very difficult conversation with some people about rape culture and I am still shaking and sweating. I really hope I passed. 😛 I believe in dialogue and education, and I’m trying to have that over “set phasers to flame war”. Gods bless.

The rest of the day went very much in that tone, save for work. Work was amazingly untouched. But today, yes, today was definitely “let’s test you on absolutely every issue you’ve dealt with in the past which you thought was either resolved or otherwise come to terms with” like a gigantic reset button.

Massive, massive amounts of shit hitting my rage buttons today. Massive.

I could use some intense amounts of purification.

Evening rite otherwise went okay.

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