Abramelin, day 53

Morning rite went okay.

Last night I dreamed of my HGA. I had missing my morning rite but managed to get it in before noon, had run into the temple room but everything was all dark. I couldn’t see him too well–mostly just a lit outline–but I could feel him. I could not see his face but I could see what appeared to be wings and this feeling of intense love. But something separated us and when I tried to embrace him I couldn’t quite reach him. I remember at one point I fell to my knees, but he told me to stand. And another message: Not yet, not yet.

Strange day today. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished very much other than downtime, which maybe I needed. I don’t know.I keep wondering if I need to be spending less time online and more doing other things, except I don’t know what those other things should be just yet.

Evening rite went well.


3 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 53

  1. Feddy says:

    Downtime is underrated. You’ve been pushing yourself on several physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fronts for a while, so I think you’re right that maybe it was needed.

  2. troll (couldn't help it) says:

    I agree with Freddy. I had to get an illness to force me to reevaluate down time. After intense spiritual work, sleep (or a general mental break with lazy time) will give a person a more solid “together” feeling. Ground them, for a lack of a better word. Life is a cycle, a circle with a sun and a moon. Sometimes we forget to follow the pattern. And sometimes (but not for too long) we need to break through the pattern to get to the other side.

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