Abramelin, day 52

Morning rite went well. I think before I reach phase two I plan to reread all of my entries, see what patterns have emerged, and what I still need to get my ass in gear on.

I had a dream where I had to do 50 versions of nail art. I chose a color that was a very light blue crossed with a light lavender with sparkles, and Gordon Ramsey had to critique it. I think that this dream was a total winner.

Today was a lengthy walk (17 miles) and what a good one it was! It’s amazing how much better I feel now that I have so much shit finally resolved. Holy fucking hell. Everything is coming together. Colors look sharper.

I received a strange message today in regards to where I’m heading: “Stay put.” Does that mean I’m on the right track? Or not to make any sudden moves? Maybe both?

I am now also attracting every single stranger who wants to come to me with their problems and tell me their life story. I had about three in the span of five minutes plus a ton of IMs from others. And I won’t even get into the psychic vampires and trolls. I am exhausted. This is where I log off.

Evening rite went well.

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