Abramelin, day 51

Morning rite went well.

I had an interesting day today, filled with family drama and personal drama. The personal drama at least looks well on the road to resolution, and thank fuck because to be perfectly honest it’s been dragging on for some time now. Now the next stage, which isn’t going to be easy but will hopefully be rewarding. Shit Is Progressing. I’m liking this. Why didn’t I do this Abramelin thingie sooner?

I note that I will be starting phase two during Memorial Day weekend. Nice timing; a three day weekend to crown this off. I normally go away for that weekend but that’s not happening anymore due to Family Drama. Again, interesting timing. Hm.

I also learned a valuable lesson: second guessing my intuition and psychic shit cost me a LOT. I feel a lot less crazy now, and learned that I was far more on target than I had initially suspected. Turning into the anti-psychic does me nor anyone else any favors.

Evening rite went well.

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