Abramelin, day 42

First of all…OW. What is it with the non-stop injuries? Now my back is out, and it kept waking me up all night because of the pain. At least because of the last ER visit I now have prescription pain meds so I can sleep? Ugh. At least the brace is now off and my wrist is now fine? Ugh.

Morning rite otherwise went well. Later on in the day I got both a workout and a long walk in, to and from dinner, plus did some laundry.

Had some interesting insights about the astral, namely the idea that it’s made up of “thought stuff”, similar sort of substance of whatever makes up consciousness. Makes sense that part of the astral may serve as the realm of the dead.

The walk plus workout and stretching helped my back and neck, but wondering what sleeping will do. Stillness doesn’t help this sort of thing; keeping the muscle warm is good.

Evening rite went well, performed after rite to Zeus.

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