Abramelin, day 41

O. M. F. Gs.

Yeah. So. Yesterday’s insanity has continued and has been dialed up to eleven. I am not taking it as a bad sign; if anything pissing off all the right people is completely the way to go, Abramelin or no Abramelin. Purifications must continue. I must get on board with the devotionals. Today’s Hermes day so we’re set there.

Morning rite went okay.

Today was…strange. And mixed. I will have tomorrow and the day after to work from home, as nearly everyone is out of the office. I have spent more days working from home this month than I have actually being at the office. It’s not like I’m on vacation so much as it’s a separation. It gives me time and space to myself. I also feel incredibly…weird. Surreal is the word, maybe. I’m sure this is helping with the Abramelin. It’ll also give me time to get laundry done and continue working on the purification. Although, I do wonder how much this is lighting me up like a Christmas tree.

Evening rite went well, and I gave Hermes his due attention beforehand.

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