Abramelin, day 27

Morning rite went…okay. Whining has escalated to begging and pleading. I know that my life cannot remain the way it’s been, and I cannot continue to live it like this. I won’t say that I’m typically terrified of change, but when you’re more afraid that things will remain the same versus changing, it’s typically a sign.

I gotta say though…I am feeling FRIED. Like “I need a vacation” fried. Is this normal? I’m feeling very off balance, out of sync, and drained. Maybe it’s the stress, I don’t know.

Finished reading Joe Vitale’s The Remembering Process. About to reread a few books I haven’t read in a while that I know are pretty useful. Definitely will need to think of other good books to read which I haven’t yet which would be useful as sources of inspiration. I could use some.

Evening rite went well. Am incredibly tired and will undoubtedly pass out not long after posting this.

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