Abramelin, day 10

Woke up with a start around 5:30, realized it was not yet quite before sunrise and fell back asleep…and slept right through the sunrise alarm. I woke up maybe 1.5 hours after it. Morning rite went well and I thanked my HGA for letting me sleep in. It’s quite possible that doing this when I wake up versus at sunrise isn’t so bad but I definitely have to be cautious on that whole “letting the Abramelin wreck my sleep” thing. This rite will go on for six months and I need to be in decent health. I’ve not been sleeping well as a result of the sunrise thing and maybe I need to rethink this for long term durability.

Last night I dreamed that I had gained the ability to teleport from one place to another, then I figured out how to travel through time. I wound up in 2010 and there was some woman whom I knew I had to keep my time traveling a secret from or she’d disapprove. Very strange.

Did somewheres around 35 three card tarot readings for people today in honor of Apollo, back to back…wow I am fried. I love helping people out but next time I rethink how many I do, lol. Nice offering rite to Apollo right before all that, too.

I am exhausted and running random temperatures. This is my body’s way of saying I need to chill out before I come down with something. It’s like a warning shot. I may need to work from home tomorrow in order to get some down time and catch up on life.

Evening rite done.

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