Abramelin, day 9

Morning ritual, with incense, went well. Like a continuous conversation, this one picked up the thought I was beginning to have last night, the next step of my thought process that everything be done with mindfulness towards the rite so that nothing truly detracts from it. More so over, the idea of bringing out the spiritual further into the physical world, allowing everything about my interaction with my gods, my magic, my HGA, and me to permeate through everything. Leave nothing untouched, no stone unturned.

Went back to sleep, woke up, and saw my bedroom window beside me. Then I saw a flash of light, and was unable to tell if it came from the bedroom window that exists in my astral vision or the physical world. Things are already starting to meld.

A busy day of cleaning. I know that one day a week, I believe on Sun, is supposed to be dedicated to that task but believe me, it’ll be both days. Did lots of laundry, more to come tomorrow. A few weeks prior to starting the Abramelin I cleaned all of my gods’ altars. It seemed appropriate. There are lots of things in myself and in my life which must be burned away, and lots of purifying of the things which must remain–and a drawing in of things which I am lacking that I need. It’s a constant process.

Evening ritual, with incense, went well. I am exhausted but feel like I’m getting somewhere. I just have to be patient with myself and the process, but especially with myself.

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