Abramelin Oath

I swear by Phoebus Apollo and Almighty Zeus that I will undergo the Abramelin operation to the best of my ability over the course of the next six months, beginning on March 21st 2014, the first full day after the start of the Spring Equinox. Should I make a mistake or err in the process due to ignorance or otherwise, I will endeavor to compensate and if necessary change what is needed for optimal procedure allowing for no excuses to stand in the way of my successfully completing this rite of passage that I may achieve full knowledge and conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel.

I swear to uphold these virtues as sacrosanct: that everything I undergo throughout the course of the next six months be undertaken with full mindfulness and that learning and growing will take place even when conditions are not perfect and knowledge incomplete. I trust that my HGA will desire me to complete this rite and make whatever I need to know in order to do so known to me. At no point will I use travel, work, family, personal and professional responsibilities, ignorance, or illness as an excuse to halt or postpone my efforts and instead will endeavor to treat all obstacles and setbacks as being part of the rite itself.

I swear this oath in the presence of my Holy Guardian Angel and my patron deities. May they help guide me towards the accomplishment of my True Will, the Great Work, and the rending of the veil which stands between me and my evolution inside and out in all matters spiritual, emotional, magical, psychic, mental, and physical.

So mote it be.

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