Abramelin rite, day 1

I had downloaded a program to keep track of sunrise and sunset with an alarm 15 minutes in advance. Naturally I wake up 30 minutes in advance. Truth be told–I am not a morning person. I remembered the prayer, but not the oil and consecration, so I went back in. Then I couldn’t find the headband, which is actually a piece of cloth I carry in one of the few books I’ve ever consecrated. I still can’t find it nor the book. I will be beating myself up for this, I know it.

Now as I compose this I also remember that this may have a practical purpose in stalling me. I plan to take the suggestion of someone else and procure four crystals and have them at each corner of the room, and consecrate those. Then I can take them with me when I travel so I can have the temple set up, so to speak, wherever I go. Once I have everything in place, I will reconsecrate. But the show will go on. I will be in a constant state of making this and myself better and I must remember that this is part of the process–I just have to be mindful not to make this an excuse to slack off or half-ass this, either.

I did a juice and smoothie fast past two days. Yesterday I gave up my usual workout, something I never do, but given the calorie deficit I kinda had to. I had a doctor’s appointment today so I worked from home, which is frankly ideal for starting the rite. I was going to have jury duty on Monday but YAY, I do not have to report. I’m kinda glad, honestly.

The evening was more of the same. This time instead of showering beforehand, I washed my face and hands. It’s standard practice in Hellenism anyhow; you never pray or give offerings otherwise. I also thought to anoint the tealight in the lamp with the Abramelin oil. I am really, really wary of leaving anything burning unattended but am okay with tealights.

The energy of my temple room right now is…REALLY intense. And I’m definitely feeling a shift myself. The simplicity of this rite is not to be underestimated, I am thinking.

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