Abramelin, day 253

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

Email from the almond wand maker, it’s apparently in process and should be sent out to me either at the end of this week or beginning of next week. Not sure on ETA but once I have a better idea I’ll know if I can request the time off from my boss before Christmas time as originally planned. I figured this operation would take nine months, so unless the gods see fit to provide any further delays…so be it.

Already on the lookout for a white robe, have the red over robe already plus the black one. I may even have the belt. Interestingly, I can’t help but feel the white robe is something like a bridal gown.

Lots to work on. I have felt the heat turn up significantly over the past few weeks but wow. I won’t lie; I’m a little terrified and anxious. I hope all will go well. All in the hands of the gods now, however.

Evening rite went well.

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