Abramelin, day 248

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

Spent day relaxing with family, also managed to get more Abramelin incense and charcoal for the rite.

I keep getting jerked back and forth between normal awareness of what is going on and an over-abundant awareness of change and the passing of time. That whiplash again. Still battling personal bullshit too. Surprisingly challenging day, felt like review of past crap in a way. Wonder what made it come up. Reached conclusion later that I am sleep depped and it does me no favors. Gentle reminder to self to get better sleeping habits.

Evening prayer rite went well.

2 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 248

  1. Jason Thu says:

    Where do you get the incense?

  2. Scarlet Magdalene says:

    Soma Luna: http://www.somaluna.com/incense/resin-incense-for-charcoal/soma-luna-blends/abramelin-incense/

    I used to make my own but it was time consuming, and supporting occult businesses makes me happy. I got the charcoal from One Stop Occult Shop: http://www.onestopoccultshop.com

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