Abramelin, day 186

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

After various phone calls and scrambling, I’ve reached what may be the obvious conclusion: I really should not be looking for a job right now. In fact, I think the best approach for this entire screwball situation is to let this one end in the most amicable way possible, focus on whatever is the remainder of my time in the part time job after that, THEN do my finishing week of the Abramelin rite. It’ll save me stress, will give me time off, and will help me have more control over this time in between jobs thing. As is, I wouldn’t be able to finish off this rite until November anyhow due to the part time job, so it’s not like it’d get me any additional time.

I alternate between being drained and exhausted beyond belief in a fashion that reminds me of the time I had mono and being completely anxious/jittery/stressed. It’s not good. Fuck weekly purification baths; I’ll be taking nightly purification showers from now on, if nothing else to relax my neck and shoulders enough to stop having the tension headaches.

Also cuddling kitties helps.

Nearly went to bed without doing evening rite, got it done.

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