Abramelin, day 185

Morning rite and noon prayer rites went well.

Today I am battling all sorts of drama that’s causing anger flare-ups. I am wondering if this is a misdirection; that I am potentially irritated/angry/frustrated at something else and taking it out on lesser outlets because it’s easier, or if something is incredibly and painfully off with me right now. I did wake up exhausted, I have been quite drained lately. Most of it is probably hormonal (yay monthly) and some of it is probably just everything I’ve been going through in all aspects of my life right now. Interestingly I feel LESS stressed than I have been but it may be that I just pushed it off to my subconscious where it’s doing me no favors.

Looks like I’ll be working that part time job in Salem provided they’re okay with me only working until 7pm because of my kitty. I can’t wait until she no longer needs those shots. 🙁 I am looking at absolutely no days off for a while, second weekend of Nov to be precise. But I badly need the money, it’s something I’m awesome at, and enjoy. I had fun last year. However…maybe if I’m lucky my day job will let me go soon so I can collect unemployment and get some time off.

Took a purification bath. I know now why these things are necessary. I could write a whole essay on it and speaking as someone who is a devotee and priestess of a deity of purification I really ought to fucking do so.

Site went down tonight for long enough to remind me to back this shit up.

Evening rite went well.

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