Abramelin, day 157

Woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. “Heard” one of my kitties crying, then about 15 minutes later she was scratching at my door and mewing like crazy. Went outside, cuddled her and my other kitty, went back to bed, still couldn’t get to sleep until maybe 6am. By the time I finally did, I wound up dreaming of waking up the next day, being far too tired for my own good, and getting into the car and suddenly I was full blown, wide open: I could equally see the astral plane/psychic realm just as clearly as the physical world, both at once. And I knew that driving like that would not be a good thing.

Woke up later than normal time, morning rite went as well as expected. The drive to work was not quite as intense as the dream predicted but note to self, sleep is important. I couldn’t help it but today was full blown, sleep depped madness.

Noon prayer rite went well, walk after.

Went to the movies and dinner tonight by myself, got back home. Still sleep depped madness.

Gods help me.

It hit me that my problem is not that I need to become more psychic; I’m more than psychic enough. The key is being open to what’s already there. Once that wall is blown wide open and I can open and close it more readily by will alone, things will get more interesting.

Evening rite went well. Goodnight Night Vale, goodnight.

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