Abramelin, day 140

I did the math, and I appear to be officially a month away from being two months into phase three AKA the six month mark. I do NOT see me being remotely ready by then unless a miracle occurs. This shouldn’t stress me out, but it kind of does. I also need to remember the hurdles I had to get over, most of which were taken care of in phase one. Willing to guess I will need another 1-2 months, possibly a bit more. We will see. All up to the gods at this point.

Morning rite went well, but I am once again lacking on sleep and it is taking its toll. Work is better today. I am less stressed about that, at least.

Noon prayer rite went well, walk afterwards.

I am thankful for the drive to and from work; it forces me to listen to audiobooks which are useful to me and is part of my spiritual contemplation time.

I have lost my sense of peace these past few days; family drama, Hellenic pagan community drama, and work drama has not done me any favors. The first two really don’t concern me and I can stay out of it, but the last one affects my wallet. I have to stay above water, but I also have to keep my focus where it belongs.

Evening rite went well.

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