Abramelin, day 139

Morning rite went well, but I more or less slept in, barely made it to work. I am not sleeping well still. Heading to bed early tonight for sure.

Noon prayer rite went well, walk outside after.

Work today was…frustrating. I have discovered that my boss’ boss’ favorite thing to do is to repeatedly interrupt, question, and get antagonistic during design meetings with the idea of “thinking things through”. He even claimed certain things were stated on day one which weren’t, which my co-worker confirmed. You can’t have it both ways; I can’t be told that the design is all up to us and yet be told everything we are doing is wrong and have it questioned five million ways to sunset in an argumentative fashion which helps no one. My doubts on this working out long term have now increased. Going to grin and bear the bullshit as long as I can, but if this is how work gets done at this place I absolutely cannot work like this.

Evening rite went well. I went to bed, hoping to get some sleep so I can think on this more clearly, but woke up incredibly pissed off. This is the third night in a row I’m losing sleep for various reasons, and I can’t see this doing good things for me.

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