Abramelin, day 95

Morning rite went well. Lots of recruiter contacts and a face to face interview. That interview went very well, and I received an offer this afternoon.

I remember “hearing” a day or two ago that I will “not get the job I want but will get the one I need”. I think that this suits. What I need is something stable, consistent, and will allow me to grow my side business enough to go full time with that instead. I’m also going into this with a far better feeling than my previous job, which is a good thing as well.

I really do believe that much of my experiences with the Abramelin so far have been very “wax on, wax off” and “compound effect”.

Evening rite went well. I pray that this job will be the right one, and will help me and not hinder me in all of my goals in all facets of my life. I need to evolve, I need to be worthy of my Holy Guardian Angel.

2 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 95

  1. Zeta says:

    I had no idea you were going for the Knowledge and Conversation. Good luck.

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