Abramelin, day 81

Morning rite went well. Today is juice and water fasting day. It’s also two interviews today with another two tomorrow and one on Wednesday. I am also attending a career fair of sorts Tuesday night plus a mandatory workshop for unemployment tomorrow morning.

I think I need all of the purification and cleansing I can get.

I am still fighting old habits, old ways…internally, externally. The bullshit never ends. At least I am becoming more aware of it so I can try to correct it.

So many recruiter calls today. Tomorrow promises to be another tense day…perhaps even more tense because one of these places delights in not one but multiple, multiple tech phone screens. Ridiculous.

I really ought to go back into contracting. A three month contract would end right at the point where I would need at least a week off to end off phase three besides.

Evening rite went well. I pray for sanity, clarity…and the capacity to just relax. I am practically saturating myself in lavender at this point. Going to log off for more…well, of everything.

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