Abramelin, day 71

Morning rite went well. Today my stomach was in knots because I was utterly terrified I would be let go with no severance, unemployment insurance, etc, and was wondering if I would have to quit to avoid it.

My interview went well, and even went a few hours overtime. My fingers are crossed.

I came home to a Skype chat with my boss, who basically said it as I felt: I don’t belong in this role, and I belong in a programming role instead. He said that if such a role were available in the company he’d move me there. He wants to give me a positive reference and said HR would be in touch with me for COBRA, severance, etc. I still have their laptop so I suspect they’d want that back (and I wonder if that made my outcome more positive for me), and I have belongings at the office too.

I now know what that dream I had a few nights ago meant. I feel so much more at peace now, I really do. One huge, massive weight off my mind…now to tackle the others, and to find a job that would serve me far better in the long run.

A few thoughts I had during this time:

  1. It’s very hard to focus on self-evolution when you’re geared towards survival. Far be it from me to say that anything was on hold while this was going on, but it took up a LOT of my energy which needs to be geared towards personal and spiritual development.
  2. I think I need to find a job that will give me enough peace of mind and abundance that the time and energy for my side businesses would come through more readily. That way I stop being so focused on leaving IT and start being more focused on health and wellness in all facets of my life. Once again, LOA isn’t so bad.

Thank you gods. Thank you Hermes. Thank you HGA. Thank you all of my benevolent helpers and to anyone who offered me energies, prayers, and good thoughts during this time.

Evening rite went well.

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