Abramelin, day 57

Morning rite went well. Shortly after I woke up, the words flashed in my mind: “Abramelin, phase two. First thing. Now.” So I did the washing of my hands and face, and got myself into my temple room before even checking work email. That’s a HUGE shift, one I hope to continue.

More people from other cultish orders seeking me out. I can’t call this a coincidence, and I wonder how word got around that I am the rescuer of people suffering from occult abuse in the name of spiritual advancement.

This is where I feel like sticking snarky animated gifs of Castiel in my posts.

For my devotional reading, I’ve found a ton of wonderful books on Kindle written by modern day Hellenic polytheists. Beautiful prayers, devotionals, and a fantastic book on the Delphic Maxims. These will definitely assist me. Also had a nice opportunity to attend a webinar with some of the authors in the HGA book that came out recently tonight. There are no coincidences.

Evening rite went okay. I am not 100% pleased with it due to a lot of distractions, being exhausted, etc but it’s sincere and I’m going to go with that. Tomorrow is another day, gods help me.

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