Abramelin, day 44

Morning rite went well. Am also very aware of the fact that phase two of this operation is rapidly approaching, so I’ve been doing some review of notes and some googling to see what others have done for it. Interestingly, the emphasis seems to be on purification–which is where every ounce of my being is screaming towards. This entire operation has its own alchemy and the longer I am in it, the more I am starting to understand it. I also think that everyone’s operation is going to be “flavored” according to their own lifepaths and how their HGAs operate, their individual True Wills, etc. I wonder how mine is both similar and different to others’.

And back to yesterday’s journal entry…they both died of cancer. That is downright freaky, if the news is indeed true. It’s made me think some thoughts, including some ones I’m a little reluctant to have. We’ve lost some very good people to cancer who absolutely did not deserve it: Donald Michael Kraig, Isaac Bonewits (whose group, ADF, I used to be a part of in a past life up until Apollo showed up), and Scott Cunningham. But I also gotta wonder, does being involved in magic and esoteric arts get you Noticed? As in, much less leeway and more likely to collect on karma?

Which brings me to another thought I’ve had before: the whole concept of “Law of Attraction”. Some people tend to assume that this is automatically switched on, leaving you to be susceptible to every form of badness under the sun because you “attracted it”. Maybe having this sort of retroactive “I created it” is empowering to some, but to others it just perpetuates the victimizing and blame game associated with anything from child abuse to rape. No, I’m more apt to argue that unless it’s consciously switched on, everyone is in neutral gear and being blown about to the randomness and whims of the mechanisms of the world at large.

Beltaine celebration this eve. One of the things I noted during the ritual was how used to working with the more receptive elements and forces I had become. Fire is usually my primary element, and I actually had to switch into that gear. That alone told me how different things have become for me.

Evening rite went well.

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