Abramelin, day 29

Morning rite went well. I think I dreamed about my friend last night, far too many clues: the hair, the singer moving to Canada, and starting up her own city. I commented ages ago, wondering about whether or not there were entire cities of the dead. And there was so much white everywhere, and strange things like talking and blinking dolls.

I feel like this entire experience right now is a treasure hunt, with one clue leading to the next. I’ve traced it back to my days back in the Golden Dawn all the way through to my third Portal initiation (long story) in 2007 and a conversation with EHNB around Sept/Oct of the same year. After rambling at me in Enochian, he had but one word to say to me, and he said it over and over again: “Evolve.” He gave very little instruction, mostly just imagery.

Honestly…I feel good. Better than I have in a long time. I think I’m on the right track towards many, many important things. I hope that I am right. I had a lot of insights while driving, which I tend to do. I also needed the time to myself to meditate.

Tonight I did the crystals in the corners of the room and the one representing the Abramelin altar thing in my room here while I stay over visiting my family. I think I did okay and it went okay. Travel need not be such an obstacle I can’t work around it. As I said earlier…no excuses.

And tomorrow is yet another day.

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