Abramelin, day 21

Morning rite went okay.

The rest of the day however was a test of patience and massive quantities of dysfunction. I may need to polish my resume. I may need to run away screaming. I may need to grab my red stapler and run. It was THAT type of a day. It was trying on pretty much every level there is.

I am very nearly done with reading Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony. I’m not sure what to read next; I’m thinking maybe some good personal development books? I’ll think of something.

Evening rite also went okay. I mostly spent it half whining, half apologizing for whining. First thing on Saturday is laundry and continued cleaning, including purification. So glad I have a patron devoted to that (Apollo). I’ll be whining to him too but he’s used to it.

It’s also useful to know I take the time to be grateful for my deities’ and HGA’s patience in me, and express it in prayer and ritual. 🙂 I thank them repeatedly for their compassion, their patience, and their forgiveness. Always.

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